Four Spiritual Laws in Japanese on Paper and Download

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Have you Heard of the Four Spiritual Laws? Bilingual English – Japanese Edition
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This booklet is a great way to spread the gospel of Christ.It goes into detail without becoming boring. It makes the way to salvation andwhy salvation is needed very clear. Ifyou want a practical, transferable, and effective means of communicating theclaims of Jesus Christ to friends, co-workers, and neighbors, this tool willhelp. It is direct, simple, contains the gospel, and can be left with theperson so they can review it later. It also has a simple "follow-up"tool built in if someone places their faith in Christ. It stresses faith in thehistoric gospel, Christ as God's only provision for sin, God's love, andmankind's need for a savior.

Knowing Jesus Personally Tract (Japanese & English)
This Japanese & English language Knowing Jesus Personally booklet is based upon the time proven Four Spiritual Laws. It focuses the readers attention on four spiritual principles (rather than "laws") for establishing a relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ that is personal. Here is a transferable tool to introduce others to Christ in a non-confronting, conversational format.

Four Spiritual Laws in Japanese - Download

Bilingual 4 Spiritual Laws PDF Download – FREE
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The FREE PDF downloadable tracts make sharing the Gospel across ethnic, cultural, or linguistic lines easier. Chose between tract format (assembly required) or the letter style format. Some languages offer both formats. If you download the GodTools App you'll have access to 62 electronic bilingual presentations of the 4 Spiritual Laws.

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